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What Sets Us Apart

To us Indians,

* CRICKET is not just a game. It is a religion with its own cricketing Gods.

* CRICKET is in our Khoon (Blood), cricket is our Junoon (Passion) and we can play cricket morning, night or noon!!!!

* CRICKET and Indians. Inseparable.

We started participating in Cricket in Saigon in the year 2005. Indian Sports Club of Saigon (ISCS) was formed in 2008 to enable Indians in Saigon to play their favorite sport CRICKET.


From those humble beginnings to ISCS's current status of winning VCA championship trophies for "5" times with "3" consecutive titles,  it has been a long and satisfying journey.

A journey filled with tales of distress, moments of triumph, hurdles crossed, and hardships endured.

A journey is undertaken with a single-minded resolve “Win or lose, let us enjoy the game we love!”

A journey that was made possible due to the steadfast trust of our sponsors, the players, and/or members of our club and their families. Our sincere thanks and regards to all of them, all the more the trust and belief of all the players in each other.



ISCS cricketing philosophy remains largely unchanged, as also our culture and mission. Team spirit, Practice with dedication, play with passion, play hard but fair has always been ISCS philosophy. Be graceful in defeat, stay humble in triumph, has been the cornerstone of ISCS cricketing culture. Providing a platform for anyone that wants to play is the ISCS guiding mission. 

Where ISCS stands right now, we are extremely proud of the fact that ISCS is one of the most liked and competitive clubs in the league and more prouder for the fact that we can count on all clubs in the VCA leagues as our friends.




2022-2023 SEASON





Thanks for Contacting US

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